KG-Selfie-212x300There is one constant in my approach to portrait and wedding photography- the sheer pleasure in making memories for my clients.  Since 1980, I have been making portraits of children and families in the Shreveport area.  I have also worked, for extended periods of time, in New Orleans and Dallas.  It is with great pride that I tell people I have been a professional photographer since 1980, especially since I am now photographing the weddings and children of my earliest subjects. Life really is cyclical.

I enjoy the knowledge that the portraits we are making will be enjoyed for many decades within the life of that particular family.  Wedding photography is not only a fantastic story-telling avenue, but also a place for documenting.  Families and dear friends come together for wedding celebrations, and the professional photographer has the privilege of creating special images of these important gatherings.

When I studied photographic design, and photographic journalism at the University of Georgia, I really had no idea how I would manifest my desire to make beautiful photographs.  As my life moved forward, I fortunately found my spot in the portrait-making world.  Those early days of learning how to work with young children, and families were so joyful that I could not imagine another kind of work.  The years built upon themselves, and my children, as well as those of our good friends and family, became my subjects, models, and erstwhile sample-studies!

The advent of serious digital photography, in the early 2000s, allowed me to begin wedding photography.  Before digital, I never took any wedding jobs for fear of making mistakes!  Therefore, I set out, in 2003, on a rigorous course of study- workshops, conferences, and self-assigned projects.  I was finally ready, and photographed my first wedding in June of 2004.

Portrait photography will always be my first love, but any chance to make something beautiful, and lasting is a treasure.